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Please be aware that if you use a calendar app (such as Google Calendar); make sure that you have set your correct time zone in the settings.  I have had a couple clients receive their MassageBook email confirmation and it shows two different times on the same day.  I discussed this problem with MassageBook, and they have reassured me that it is nothing with my scheduling software; that the problem is on the end of whatever calendar app is being used.  Contact me if you have any questions!


Everyone will be required to fill out a new health history form every year.  This is a requirement from my insurance company and also will protect all of my clients to make sure I am aware of anything that may interfere with your treatment.  To save time, I will be emailing these forms out so that you can fill them out when it is convenient for you.



My name is Rhonda Steger.  I am a Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, and also a Wisconsin Licensed Esthethician. 

I am very eager to meet my clients and assist them in their goals of holistic wellness and skin care.  Massage therapy is an important tool to keep the human mind, body, and spirit in a state of health and well-being.  Great skin care can help us bring the inner beauty outward and slow down the signs of aging.

Feel free to call 920-251-2161 to make an appointment or with any questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for your interest!


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday  9am-4:30pm

Saturday  9am-4:30pm

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